October 22 – Beginning this month, every 2nd and 4th Sundays in the youth room is costume making with Amy for the Christmas Pageant – meet after the service.

October 28 – 2nd Annual Youth Corn Maze Trip.  RSVP by October 25.  Meet at the church 3:30 PM

October 29 – First Music Sunday of the Year! All grades will be learning beautiful music with our new music director.

November 5 – December 10 – Children’s Choir and Pageant Rehearsal.  All school aged children (pre-school through 6th grade) are invited to participate in preparations for our Christmas pageant this year.  We’ll begin with song practice on November 5.  Meet right after church service in the sanctuary for about 30 minutes.  Learn beautiful music!  Have a great time!

November 5 – Kids’ Club for children approximately in 4th through 6th grade.  We’ll meet from noon (right after the children’s choir practice in the sanctuary) to 1:00 in the Youth room.

November 5 – Children in kindergarten and in the 5th grade will be receiving Bibles during the children’s sermon this day.

November 10 – Lofty Ideas for grades 7th – 12th 6pm-8pm Dinner included.  This group is for youth ages 7th-12th.  We meet, eat, dabble in art, and watch movies.  It’s fun!  Please RSVP to Amy by emailing:  Please include any youth dietary restrictions.

December 3 – All children, youth and their families are invited to Advent Festival.  Come to the Christmas Pageant rehearsal in the sanctuary, and then head back to the fellowship hall for fun Christmas crafts.

December 17 – Christmas Pageant.  Arrive 20 minutes early to church and join the show!

Stand with Immigrant Youth! The link below is an easy way to support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which is under an immediate, existential threat. The consequences of repealing DACA would be severe and profound, as it would put the nearly 800,000 dreamers at immediate risk of deportation.

 Please contact Amy, Creative Director or Rev. JJ with any questions.