Council Committees

Leadership: Council Committees

The committees include but are not limited to the following:

  1. The WORSHIP COMMITTEE has responsibility for the spiritual development of the church and its members through worship.
  1. The FAITH FORMATION COMMITTEE has responsibility for children and youth ministry and adult education programs.
  1. The MISSION COMMITTEE will identify and support opportunities to act as God’s body within the community.
  1. The MEMBER CARE COMMITTEE has responsibility for managing the member experience within the church.
  1. The NEWCOMERS COMMITTEE has responsibility for providing hospitality to visitors and assisting them to integrate into the life of the congregation.
  1. The FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE will identify and organize activities that encourage engagement, participation and action while fostering deeper spiritual connections within our congregation, our community and beyond.
  1. The PERSONNEL COMMITTEE has responsibility for managing the staff experience within the church. Personnel Committee chair and members shall be appointed by the Church Council.
  1. The FACILITIES COMMITTEE has responsibility for the church’s physical facilities and grounds.
  1. The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE has responsibility for installing and managing the information technology such as the computer systems, sound systems, and telecommunications.
  1. The STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE has responsibility for stewardship education and the annual fundraising campaign.
  1. The ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE manages and administers the CHUCC Endowment Trust according to the Resolution adopted by the congregation on January 12, 1999 and as amended after that date.
  1. The PASTORAL RELATIONS COMMITTEE supports, guides and encourages the pastor(s) and reviews concerns expressed by members of the church.