Covenant of Community

We, the Cedar Hills United Church of Christ (CHUCC), are a diverse group of people who know the joy of acceptance and affirmation by God and by one another.

We are of different ages, genders, educational levels, abilities, social classes, appearance, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity. We recognize Jesus' welcoming love for all and affirm that every child of God is embraced within our community. We welcome all to share in the life, liturgy, and leadership of our congregation.

To ensure that all feel truly welcome, cherished, and safe within our community we each promise, with God's grace and help, to adhere to this Code of Conduct in all of our dealings with each other.  We each promise to cultivate in ourselves, among other things:

An appreciation of our commonalities and difference
Joy and a sense of humor
Trust in others’ good intentions
Generosity of spirit and substance
Willingness to forgive and to seek forgiveness
Responsibility for our actions and their consequences
Commitment to sustaining this church community for those who will follow

In accordance with our values and intentions, we each promise to:

Give generously of our time, talents and resources
Express appreciation for the efforts of others
Be kind and compassionate
Support and nurture ourselves and one another through prayer and action
Be mindful and considerate in communication and interactions

Listen to understand
Talk directly with, rather than about, others; avoid and discourage gossip
Be aware that the impact of our actions may be more important than our intent
Respond to conflict and anger with gentleness and thoughtfulness
Forgive ourselves and others when we fail to keep these promises and
Begin again in love and faith

Living by this code of conduct will help establish a safe and healthy environment to encourage our individual and collective spiritual growth and to further the mission of the church.

We aspire to be a safe and welcoming environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. All congregants and members of CHUCC shall strive to understand the impact their words or actions may have on others, especially those who may be emotionally, mentally, or spiritually vulnerable.

As part of maintaining a healthy environment each person participating in the church should be attentive to self-care and to their own strengths and limitations so they can best serve the church and those within it.

Cedar Hills United Church of Christ is committed to a safe and welcoming environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.