What We Love About Our Church

“I love the opportunities to do actual work in the community, being the hands of God in service to others.”

“I love my church because having many people with different interests makes it easy to make friends and share activities together.”

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““I love my church because of the pastor’s inspiring and thought-provoking sermons.”

“I love that everyone is open to others regardless of sexuality, gender, race or age. We all matter.”

“I love my church because there are a lot of families and kids!”

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"Church gives me a place to talk about spirituality, which is somewhat taboo in our culture."


“I love working in the garden, walking the labyrinth and the meditation group.”


"A group of church friends joined me for the March for Women and the Pride Parade.”

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“Worship through music speaks to my heart.”

“We can learn more about Jesus’ life and message, not just his birth and death.”

“I love my church because the people are caring and not because of what they say, but what they do.”

"I love this church for the men's groups."

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"I love church because it's fun & they have great cookies!" (Ben, age 6)


“We love our church because we are working, praying and supporting our community on social justice issues we believe in.”

“I’ve learned that CHUCC is a safe place to cry and share feelings – the first place I’ve ever felt safe doing this.”

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“I came to the church because the sign out front had messages of peace and inclusivity. I stayed because, in addition to holding these values, people are very warm and welcoming.”