Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty ImagesCedar Hills Kindergarten & Pre-School 

Cooperative Learning in Portland, Oregon

From their first cry to their first tooth, their first word to their first steps, our children grow so fast. As parents, we want to embrace every milestone. At Cedar Hills Kindergarten & Preschool, we support the family bond and honor the extraordinary gifts that parents bring to their child’s learning experience.

When your child walks into our school, they are free to explore and create in classrooms that are alive with possibility. Our highly qualified teachers work with parents to provide a program that allows children to grow physically and intellectually. We provide an experience that nurtures core values such as kindness, friendship and compassion. Creative opportunities in the classroom, garden and playground inspire young spirits. We bring together teachers, parents and children in a unique cooperative learning environment. This connection and sense of community gives little learners the security they need to stretch their wings and experience the joy and wonder of childhood.