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Spiritual education, connection, worship and service for the children and youth of our church.


Children (grades Pre-K thru 5) gather on Sundays for Godly Play, a spiral curriculum based on Montessori principles.  Godly Play celebrates children's innate sense of the presence of God, and uses the practice of storytelling to help them gain religious language, and enhance their spiritual experience, through wonder and play.


Youth (grades 6 - 12) meet for activities and  in depth discussion on topics related to emotional and spiritual growth, including the history of Christianity and the UCC church, what it means to be Christian, and current political/social events that affect our role as UCC Christians.


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CHUCC Youth: Activites & Events


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If you would like to join this year's Confirmation class, or would like to know more about what "Confirmation" means... we'd love to hear from you!


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Godly Play

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