Our Most Recent Event:

Earth: This Being Human

An exploration by Portland Eurythmy Dance company, in concert with live piano selections from romantic era composers.


Featuring Colin Shepard on solo piano

Donations are gladly accepted. 

MEMO: "Recital Series Performance"

For the past year, Portland Eurythmy has been exploring the element of earth.

In our search for earth-invoking poetry and music, we discovered a thread of something distinctly human.  We found words of magic, acceptance, wonder, tenderness, and abundance that the Earth provides freely.  It seemed the poets were telling us we need only to be open and present with the Earth in order to receive her gifts. In doing so, we would find our humanity.

We, as human beings, have experienced many new and unfolding dramas during this past year, with a global health pandemic and calls for social justice.  These calls from the Earth and the people on the earth have inspired many different responses ranging from fear, despair, and hate, to courage, hope, and love.

During this time, it has seemed that this full breadth of emotions has begged to be expressed and noticed. As a result, many actions have been taken and many conflicts have surfaced.  While this can seem like a chaotic and heavy burden, Rumi offers us the words:  “Welcome and entertain them all, for each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

Here we are on Earth together, seeking our own vulnerability and open-heartedness in order that we may “entertain” and connect to the earth and to all its people.

Please enjoy our program, Earth: This Being Human, which will continue to grow and change as we work towards sharing it with you October 23rd!

*Donations are gladly accepted, and appreciation can go memo: recital series performance!

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