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Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice

ACTION: Join a Sacred Circle

Aug 07, 2020 - Want to help Welcoming Immigrants but don’t want to stand on a corner waving a sign?


This coming election is one of the most important elections in the history of the United States.

IMIrJ is asking us to form Sacred Circles - groups of seven to fourteen people who will meet monthly from now until the Election (via Zoom) to find ways to promote our policies for justice and equity reform.

Why? Congress isn’t acting. The Courts are too slow. The election is our only hope for immigration reform and racial equity.

Right now, we have a Circle working on handwritten postcards to North Carolina (a swing state) urging them to get out and vote.

You can also start your own Sacred Circle to come up with other actions that support election turnout and help fight voter suppression.  Just let us know!

Contact the CHUCC Immigration Justice/Santuary Team for more information.


Arivaca, AZ  (7-31-20)  "No More Deaths" humanitarian aid station (Byrd Camp) was raided by US Border Patrol and their militarized elite BORTAC unit - the same unit deployed to the Portland protests.  

(Please keep coming back for more information.  We are working on ways to help.)

THE STORY  ~  ABOUT "No More Deaths"

-- Humanitarian Aid at the US Border --


ABOUT "No More Deaths" 

Arivaca, AZ – In a massive show of force, Border Patrol + BORTAC—the same militarized tactical unit recently mobilized against protestors in US cities—descended on the camp with an armored vehicle, three ATVS, two helicopters, and ~24 marked and unmarked vehicles.  

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Contact the CHUCC Immigration Justice/Santuary Team for more information.