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1619 Project: Next Steps

Jun 27, 2020  Recently members of the RJ&E team reviewed this appeal from the Oregon ACLU:


Jun 27, 2020

Friends:  During our last session on March 1 of the Racial Justice & Equity Team series, based upon the 1619 NY Times articles, we discussed a list of next steps which we might take to address the racial justice issues raised by the series.
There are still a number of steps we as individuals and the CHUCC community should take to continue this process.  Recently members of the RJ&E team reviewed this appeal from the Oregon ACLU organization which is available at this location:


While it is true that yesterday the Oregon legislature passed, in a bipartisan effort, a number of bills which deal with police reform, there is still much left to be done.  In particular one bill passed creates a joint Oregon House/Senate committee to study the need for greater transparency in police reform - especially including citizens from Black, Latinx and minority communities.
In that vein it is still important for our local legislators to hear from us on these matters.  So please review the letter and process proposed by the ACLU and modify it as you see fit to include other issues which remain unaddressed
If you have additional thoughts about these matters or have a proposal you would like the CHUCC Racial Justice and Equity Team to consider, please reply to me at the email address above and I will forward them.

Best wishes and stay safe.

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