Monthly Prayer Practice


Prayer Practice of the Month

Francis of Assisi offered short prayers throughout the day... whenever his spirit was moved. He infused simple acts of loving service with prayer.

Franciscan prayer is a free flowing, spontaneous loving dialogue with God.

    1. Decide on one daily activity involving others that you will use for prayer: a walk, time with your pet, a phone call, a work or home task you enjoy, time with a child.
    2. Enter that activity with a short prayer of gratitude, asking God to move your heart through the activity.
    3. Be aware when your heart is moved . . . and give thanks.  
    4. Think of the other people or creatures involved in your activity and notice God’s goodness in them. Offer a spontaneous prayer.
    5. Be aware of the joy you find in this activity. Radiate that joy back to God.   
    6. Close with a short silent prayer.

Printable Prayer Calendar