About Our Volunteers

It takes a whole collection of volunteers to keep a church going. 

Really.  It does.

CHUCC volunteers help with every aspect of operations in the life of our church - from the facilities to Sunday flowers, office administration to outreach, music to member care, education to events, information technology to leadership.

And since the beginning of COVID-19 restrictions, a dedicated crew of volunteers have worked with our Worship team to ensure virtual, live Sunday worship -with no breaks- from the very first Sunday of the pandemic.  

Some of us volunteer regularly by leading or supporting council committees, and others find the one project or event that makes their heart sing.  And sometimes, we just roll up our sleeves to pitch in whenever and wherever the need or opportunity arises.

Take a look at the list of Council Committees to get some ideas of where you might like to help, or send us a quick note and tell us more about your interests and availability.

You are always welcome here.